Realfio and Ridi are oriented and mobilized, in the management of the Quality Management system, in order to:

• Promote the financial growth that allows the Organization's sustainability, thus increasing the operational strategy;
• Make available to our Customers the threads, zippers and accessories that fulfill their satisfaction, accomplishing their requirements and exceeding their expectations, retaining them; 
• Promote Employees with continuous training and make them aware of their role in the organization, through effective and efficient management of the available resources;
• Promote winning partnerships and synergies with Suppliers;
• Comply with applicable regulatory and legal regulations;
• Do well, act in accordance with the internal guidelines, participating in the growth of the company.

We are also certified in terms of the adoption of non-dangerous components in the manufacture of the products supplied (standard 100, class I, by Oeko-Tex®).




We bet on good partnerships



We believe that the mission of a company can only be accomplished through the people by which it is made of, and especially through the relationships established between them. For us, the level of quality excellence that characterizes us is directly and inextricably related to the bond we maintain with our stakeholders.